Your company and your future depends on the pipeline that brings the best employees to your business.

That’s why Free Range Kids is worthy of your consideration and support. It will introduce the next generations of scientists, engineers, and technologists to your company and will help you discover gifted talent early in their education.

Help with a STEM Class
Your company can help with the Free Range Kids STEM classes by sponsoring a lesson in your business’s areas of expertise. Students will learn about your industry, and more importantly, associate your organization with being ‘best in class’ so that when they start seeking career paths, your company is top-of-mind. Help with STEM classes so today’s rising stars can develop your new innovations tomorrow!

Become an Internship, Co-op or Field Study Provider
In the future, FRK will be expanding its programs to help target highly skilled students early on that your company may want to hire. Your company may decide to provide an internship, cooperative education or field study program to these students. Both your company and FRK students benefit!

As an internship provider, you get the opportunity to evaluate and recruit from a pre-professional energetic talent pool already molded to your business culture. Interns get to bring fresh industry knowledge from the college laboratory into the real world.

Learn More How Free Range Kids Helps Your Company
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