Free Range Kids has multiple programs designed to target and encourage our future engineers, scientists and technologists.

Middle School Program

The Free Range Kids middle school program is targeted at young men and women in Grades 6, 7, 8 to introduce them to a wide variety of science and engineering related topics that they might consider as a future career. Students in this grade are at a critical age where they start to discover themselves and how they might see their future. Encouragement and understanding of possibilities, especially in the technical fields, are so very important at this age as there is a tendency to interpret these as ‘geeky’ or ‘uncool’. Free Range Kids aspires to inspire confidence and passion within our classes to help our students not only see the possibilities, but believe they can pursue these careers.

High School Program (Future State Program)

Building on the lessons from the Free Range Kids middle school program, the high school program continues to encourage and educate students into possible career paths. At this level, more emphasis is placed on actual job examples and areas of education necessary to follow specific career paths, while still providing exposure to areas of STEM possibly not yet seen by students. Industry leaders in selected fields are invited to talk with students and provide context to what these careers actually look like.

Internship Program (Future State Program)

Before joining the full-time workforce, the Free Range Kids Internship program looks to bridge and connect students currently enrolled in technical education programs with companies in their desired field. This provides much needed experience for the students along with helping companies identify new and up and coming talent for their workforce / pipeline.

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